A painting showing all the (major) events in the entire lifespan of the artist
                          Een schilderij dat alle gebeurtenissen laat zien uit het leven van de kunstenaar. Made by Ronald Boom

Lifeline, 2018
Mixed Media on Canvas
210cm x 105cm

'Is this me?' Lifeline; a true curriculum vitae

  • Charts as art? a way to explore life. For this type of work i was inspired by the Alfred Barr flowchart
  • Plotting the course of a life on canvas creates a plane on which the over-complexity of human existence becomes visible. life can not be understood at one glance. Meaningless to the observer the words and lines create a dense aesthetic play that invites the viewer to have a closer look.
  • As the painting progresses past my early 30's into the future the colors becomes hazy. Many good and bad things a re predicted to happen.
  • Save the image to a device to zoom in and see more details on the painting.