Publication called 'The Unreal and the Real' with essay about free play and short fictional character set in Anthropocene of Old Europe
                          Publicatie genaamd 'het onwerkelijke en het werkelijke' met een essay over free play en een kort fictief verhaal

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The Unreal and the Real

This Issue was published in June 2019 by Ronald Boom, and made as part of the third year course "Expanded Painting" at DOGtime (Deeltijd Opleiding Gerrit Rietveld Academie) under guidance of Robert Adolfsson Cultural studies.

Issue 1 Contents

- Free play

In order to look for similarities concerning subjective free lawlessness this essay will span a period over 230 years, covering the theoretical work of Immanuel Kant and the artistic practice of David Bowie.

- Pilgrimage to SE13/NP-8924

A short fiction about personal transformation. Join the main character on his journey in the unrecognizable post-human Anthropocene of Old Europe.

By introducing a chronic de/re-colonization cycle:
1 Start with a solid consolidation
2 Follow up with democratic decolonization
3 Then, take time to embrace the emptiness
4 When you think you are ready take more time
5 Slowly unfold in a searching form
6 Allow (re)colonization and drastically occupy space
7 Don’t cut the weeds! Let it grow around you
8 Overcome the urge, overcome the self
9 Continue at 1

First published in: Lexicon - Unease to Repair

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