Graduation Publication
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Thesis: Cliche - Diagram - Feit
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This is a Glossary titled: 'I am not possible.' This largely visual Glossary is about contradictions in life, paradoxical tendencies in myself, my practice and in society (i.e. large vs. small 'narratives'). Monocultures vs. diversity. Difference between visual language and word language and the question (unspoken) How and Whether you can autonomously occupy space within a formal system.

Visual glossary
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This is an Essay titled: 'Populating a figure plane.' If looking equals thinking, then painting and observing a painting equals thinking in images. A painting is a plane which allows for thinking unconventional thoughts that can’t necessarily be put into words. So, when it is said that ‘the postmodern’ cannot be overseen in one glance it must be a plane holding many different thoughts. This is not strange when everything is possible, as the postmodernists creed dictates. Art has moved from reduction to aggregation, from singular to heterogenous and from autonomous to differentiation. Central in this essay is the work of two German painters: Markus Oehlen (1956) a Neue Wilde and Neo Rauch (1960) from the New Leipzig School. While they both create paintings of a multifocal and surreal nature, they both take a totally different approach. By placing the work of both artists in relation to painterly questions dealing with (non)figuration, visual languages and meaning that is inferred within a ‘figural polyphony’ I hope to come to a better understanding of these approaches (/ways of thinking) in populating a figure plane.

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This is a Publication titled: 'The Unreal and the Real' with essay about free play and short fictional character set in Anthropocene of Old Europe
                          Publicatie genaamd 'het onwerkelijke en het werkelijke' met een essay over free play en een kort fictief verhaal

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